I am Chelsie Conger: free spirit, travel bug victim and obsessed with creating + designing! I live in Portland, OR and am married to Todd, my adventurer and  partner in crime. Together we love exploring whether it be around the PNW in our van, Bam Bam (yes we named him haha) or taking off on a plane to somewhere new. Our most current travels have taken us to: Costa Rica, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Australia, Hawaii and LA. When I'm not working from home doing design work to save money to travel you can find me at the beach, scheming up our next big trip or at my husbands wood shop.

For a few years I've been playing with the idea of having my own blog. I wasn't sure anyone would find my life interesting until I had several friends, family and strangers reaching out to me asking about travel advice, van life, home remodeling and design. So I thought it might be fun to start sharing a bit of my life.

If you have a question about anything don't hesitate to reach out, I'm an open book and am always willing to share my experiences or help out with a travel plan. 

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