Dreaming of Vico Equense

Being the last minute vacationers Todd + I are, we started looking two days before our arrival for places to stay in Positano. After looking everywhere in Positano and coming up with only a few options that were far more expensive than we wanted to pay we decided we would need to stay on the outskirts and thats when we came across Vico Equense. We knew absolutely nothing about Vico but booked anyway. When we arrived we were blown away at how amazing it was there; quiet, beautiful and nearly tourist free (except for us of course). I would highly recommend staying in Vico or any small town close by, free from large tourist buses, gypsies and people trying to sell you any and everything like you might find in Positano and Amalfi. The biggest plus about staying on the outskirts is that you get to experience the way life really is. We rented a scooter and ventured to Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento and to the top of Mt. Faito and were able to come back home to a beautiful authentic Italian town whenever we grew tired of the masses that were in full force in the busier areas.

We also were so lucky to be able to stay in the most amazing Airbnb in Vico. The host Angela was absolutely amazing. When we arrived she picked us up from the train station and showed us around the downtown area. She then took us back to our home and had stocked the fridge with food and drinks for multiple meals. If that wasn't already WAY more than enough the very next day she gave us oranges, lemons, onions, garlic and any other fruit you could imagine from her garden next door and told us we were free to take as much as we wanted. She also had chickens and gave us eggs each morning! She made us feel a part of her family and in turn gave us a peek into the Italian way of life. At the end of our stay she also helped us set up a bus ride to the Naples airport, she was truly a gem. When I went to find her link on Airbnb so that you could all stay here too I found out she is no longer on the site. So sad. 

The photos below are from many different locations all dreamy nonetheless. I am going to list some "Must See's" below if you have any questions or want to know anything specific about these locations just let me know. 

Amalfi - While there might be more people than you even knew existed in such a small town there is so much history and such cool architecture.
Positano - Dreamiest town you'll ever find. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF.
Mt.Faito - A long scooter ride to the top of this mountain and you'll be able to see for what seems like forever overlooking the small towns on the oceanside. 
Furore - Best Jumping Spot - Below you will find a picture of Todd jumping here. It's right off the road in between Amalfi and Positano.

Kebab Ciampa - Best Gyros I've ever had even compared to Greece. Our favorite spot we ate in Italy.
Wembley - Fun Spot in Vico Equense, it seems like the whole town goes there every single night.
Casa E Bottega - Quite possibly the dreamiest place I've ever eaten breakfast. I wanted to move in haha