Kati Hoy Workshop

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen MANY of these photos! This shoot will forever be my most favorite, so most likely I will never stop sharing these photos haha. Kati Hoy put on such a fun workshop for some amazing photographers and I volunteered Todd and I to be their models because everything that comes from Kati is pure magic. She had done our wedding a month before and I just couldn't wait to see what magic came out of this workshop. Kati rented the cutest little cabin on Anderson Island just south of Seattle and 4 other incredibly talented photographers joined in: Devin Jenkins, Dani Ulstad, Megan Nealy and Taylor Smith. 

The original plan was to take some blue hour shots playing in the water but a few tequila shots later and we started having some fun and the articles of clothing grew less and less! This shoot took me by surprise because I have never felt so comfortable with my body, I would have never thought in a million years that I would do something like this. All the photogrpahers made Todd and I feel incredibly comfortable and honestly we had so much fun as you can tell we are laughing in nearly every photo. Some people have told me what I did was too much or that I shouldn't share these photos with others but honestly I am in love with these photos and this shoot made me fall even more in love with Todd and if you want to do something like this I am 100% behind you. I think it was a beautiful thing that so many people could  come together to create something as special as this and I am so stoked to have gotten the chance to meet all of the wonderful photogs that were there. 

After the shoot we ended up going back to the cabin and staying the night, the next morning we got up had some breakfast and as we were getting ready to go Devin asked if he could do a couple in home shots. So with dirty messy hair and clothes on from the night before all the photogs took some more pics and with their magic made us look good. These people are pure magical creatures I tell you!

The biggest thing I took from this shoot is to be comfortable in your own skin and to never shoot something down immediatley. If I would have gone with my gut instinct to not get fully undressed in front of strangers we would have never had these photos which I will forever hold near and dear to my heart. Please check out all the photographers that were a part of this day! I have linked their Instagram's and website's below and I can guarantee you that if you decide to shoot with any of them you will be nothing short of stoked when you get your photos. Cheers!

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