Painted Hills Shoot

For years I've always wanted to venture to the ever so popular Painted Hills. When photographer Andie Avery reached out and asked if Todd and I would be interested in shooting with her at the Painted Hills it was a dream come true. We packed up the van and headed east.

Andie was able to capture 3 seperate feels while we were here. The first was through the Painted Hills Walkway, the second was bridals overlooking the most beautiful valley and the third was in our baby Bam Bam (our van). She captured us perfectly and was the nicest human you'll probably ever find. Check her out if you are looking for a easy going, free spirited and amazing photographer!

Outfit 1: Overalls - Forever 21  |  Black Shirt - Alternative Apparel  |  Shoes - Mossimo
Outfit 2: Wedding Dress - Hollie - Grace Loves Lace
Outfit 3: Mustard Shall - Forever 21  | Pink Velvet Skirt - Forever 21 | White Crop Top - Forever 21

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