Santorini Island Life

For the past few years there has been SO MUCH hype over the Greek Islands, so I had to find out for myself how amazing this area was.  We flew from Naples, Italy and in 3 hours we arrived in Santorini. As we were flying in we circled the island a couple of times waiting for our okay to land. The island was nothing I imagined it would be, thats the funny thing about travel, you see all these pictures and you create an image in your head and most of the time you are surprised by the actual place. The island looked very much like a desert and those ever famous white homes weren't covering the island entirely like I had imagined, instead, many vineyards covered the beautiful island. I turned out to be even more pleasantly surprised by the island than I had dreamt up in my head.

We ended up staying in Pyrgos the first part of our stay and the outskirts of Oia the second part of our stay. Pyrgos was nothing short of amazing. Probably one of my most fond places along our honeymoon adventure. Pyrgos was away from the tourists and free from any stressors you might find in the tourist traps like Oia and Thira. An earthquake in the 50's left most of the area in ruins that they have yet to be rebuild, so you can walk around the mostly deserted town into old homes and walk around on rooftops and watch the most amazing sunsets and sunrises you'll ever find. While we stayed on the southern part of the island we got around by scooter and found as many jumping spots as we could find and ended up finding a brewery that brewed the first IPA on the Greek islands and the owner just happened to be from Northern California which we found pretty funny considering we are pretty spoiled on the west coast with our beer selection. Also after traveling for around a month not finding a single IPA in 3 different countries an IPA was just what the doc ordered.

The second part of our stay was on the backside of Oia in a B+B right on the water. It was a little far from everything, even restaurants but it was a nice break from everything and a long relaxing scooter ride home after we explored the island. We were able to simply relax by the pool and enjoy the chill life. We continued to look for jumping spots and were not disappointed by the huge amount of options. Santorini as a whole has SOO many good food options and many for a really good price. We ate Gyros like they were going out of style and at $2.50 each we were happy campers, especially after being in Italy the week before (expensive).

When we were ready to leave the island our next stop was Athens after watching the flights quadruple in price (our own faults for not buying sooner) we decided to take a ferry back to the mainland. When I thought of an 8 hour ferry ride I was a little bummed out until our "ferry" pulled up in the marina and it was actually a cruise ship haha. We were able to book a room once aboard and get some good sleep before we arrived in Athens later that day. The Ferry system on the islands is amazing. When we go back I would definitely take advantage of it and cruise to several different islands since they are all so dang close to one another. 

I could literally ramble on and on about Santorini so if you have any specific questions please reach out! I will put the air bnb's that we stayed at below along with the link to the Ferry so that you can check it out to see how easy it is to use and how many locations there are to travel to in the Greek Islands. Along with all of the lodging/transportation information I will put a couple of our favorite places to see and eat!

Pyrgos - Airbnb $85/night
Oia - Airbnb was only $250/night now its $1279/night Yikes!

Blue Star Ferry - $50/person from Santorini > Athens
Scooters + Quads are how everyones gets around on the island. Rentals are available everywhere so just pick a spot and get one.

Rosemary - Restaurant in Pyrgos, Best view of island and sunset
Amoudi Bay - Jumping spot below Oia
Santorini Brewery - You're going to want good beer and this is the only place that's got it.
I don't want to give too much away because it's more fun to just go and find your own favorite spots. If you have any questions let me know!